Big Vision Little Cows

Dbl Dutch Bella

This is a mature cow with a very good confirmation.  One of the best we have.  She is a timid animal, much more comfortable with women than men.  Her temperament is a 4 on the scale simply because she is so timid.  She is horned but we de-horned her.  Carries black only.  Excellent addition to any herd and worth the time to patience it takes to work with her.

Asking Price:  $1,000.00

Gaelic Heritage Farm Dexter Cows

Deep Ford Lily

Lily is a deep bodied cow that comes from our favorite milk cow.  She has calved and is easy birthing.  She carries dun and red.  

Asking price:  $1,000.00

GF Iona Lasair:

Lasair (Lacy) is a mature cow who has had a few calves.  She is a wild red and an excellent cow.

Asking price:  $900.00


​Lyla is one of this year's heifers.  She has a bold personality, but likes to be around people.  Her mom is one of our milk cows and she has a nice looking udder with good teat confirmation.  She is a 5 on the demeanor scale and is lead trained.  She will be a larger, full bodied Dexter but will be easy going and birth well.

​Asking Price:  $900.00