Big Vision Little Cows

​Buying four cows was the beginning of Gaelic Heritage Farm.  Now we never look back we just enjoy the new lifestyle, the time spent separated from the hectic world and spending more time as a family.  The cows we chose were Dexters because we did not have a lot of land and my daughters and I, because my husband travels, had the duty of taking care of the cows.  If you are thinking of cows, let me say this, “If we can do cows, anyone can do cows, well almost anyone.”  If you are curious about farming, patience and a lot of hard work are the two essential ingredients.  Along with the work, you must be dedicated to the care of your animals and be committed to giving them a good home for the rest of their lives and in return, they will give you a lifestyle that most people can only imagine. 

Now we have a unique position since we have expanded our farm and have both a Dexter herd and a commercial Black Angus herd.  This gives us the ability to compare and contrast these delightful little cows with the most common breed of cattle in North America.  We have tried to compile lots of information and not just biased opinions.  Of course, we love our Dexters or we would not have them as part of our business plan but there is much more that attracts us to Dexters than our sentimental attachments.                                                              

We are learning along with everyone out there and this is the information we use to evaluate our herds and to educate people who have questions.  Please feel free to look at this site and if you would like more detail about specifics like how to milk, dehorn, or do vaccinations please see our blog that we utilize for this purpose                                                               Or you can contact us and we would be glad to assist you in any way we can.

Dexter Cattle

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