Big Vision Little Cows

We always have a few steers we are raising for beef.  Most of our Angus steers are sold after we wean them, but we do keep one or two for sale each year.  We also have a number of Dexter steers available each year as well.

We offer these animals for slaughter and typically sell either a 1/2 or whole animal to our customers.   

Many producers sell steers as hanging weight and you pay for the processing.  There is a lot of waist and you are paying for that waist.

What we do is sell the same beef as finished and packaged meat.  You are still purchasing the 1/2 or full animal and you still cover the processing fees, but it is easier to understand what you are paying for this way.  

Right now we have steers available for purchase as beef.  Our prices are listed as follows.  Effective March 1, 2016 and subject to change as the beef market changes up or down.

Full Dexter Steer:  Typically this is about 450 pounds of packaged beef.  Sale price:   $6.00 per pound plus processing fee of approximately $400.

One half Dexter Steer:  Typically this is about 225 pounds of beef Sale price: $6.50 per pound plus processing fee of approximately $200.

One quarter Dexter Steer:  Typically this is about 120 pounds of beef:  Sale price:  $7.00 per pound plus processing fee of approximately $125. 


Halle is one of this year's heifers.  She is rated almost a 5 for demeanor and handling.  She is quite and calm and likes to interact with us.  She comes from a line of full bodied cows with good structure, large udders and ease birthing.  This young heifer would make a great addition to anyone's herd.

​Asking price:  $2,800.00

Dbl Dutch Bella

This is a mature cow with a very good confirmation.  One of the best we have.  She is a timid animal, much more comfortable with women than men.  Her temperament is a 4 on the scale simply because she is so timid.  She is horned but we de-horned her.  Carries black only.  Excellent addition to any herd and worth the time to patience it takes to work with her.

Asking Price:  $2,800.00

Gaelic Heritage Farm Dexter Cows

Aveena Laire  

Great demeanor.  The daughter of Izzy, our current milk cow.   Aveena has a great udder structure and good defined teats.  She is a heifer that is currently being bred, but is not yet confirmed.  She is young, but will be a full bodied cow like her mom with easy birthing.  We rate her a 5 on the scale for ease of handling and demeanor

Asking price:  $2,800.00

GF Ronen:

Ronen is the full brother of GF Maitiu Daigh who won Reserve Grand Champion at the ADCA when Daigh was only 6 months old.  

Ronen is a spitting image of Daigh.  He is a very quiet animal, but probably our best indicator bull.  He lets us know when any cow is going into heat.  He is very attentive and is waiting for his opportunity to become a working bull.  He is confirmed red with no dun gene.  We have done all the testing on Ronen.  He is mature and ready to begin work.

Asking price:  SOLD

Beef for Sale


​Lyla is one of this year's heifers.  She has a bold personality, but likes to be around people.  Her mom is one of our milk cows and she has a nice looking udder with good teat confirmation.  She is a 5 on the demeanor scale and is lead trained.  She will be a larger, full bodied Dexter but will be easy going and birth well.

​Asking Price:  $2,300.